Last Number: January - June 2016, Volumen 74, Issue 1.

Parasitaria is the official journal of the Spanish Society of Parasitology (Sociedad Española de Parasitología, SOCEPA) as the continuation of the Iberian Journal of Parasitology (Revista Ibérica de Parasitología), founded by Professor Carlos Rodríguez Lopez-Neyra in 1941 (1941-1993), named Research and Reviews in Parasitology (1993-2008), and Revista Ibero-Latinoamericana de Parasitología [published together with the Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología (SOCHIPA)] between 2008 and 2014.

The publication is free and is funded by the dues of the members of the society. Parasitaria accepts submissions from members of SOCEPA as well as scientists not belonging to the Spanish Society of Parasitology.